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#1 Gunsmithing Schools Guide
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Gunsmithing Schools

Gunsmithing Schools

Gunsmithing schools were developed to hone the skills of a new generation of gunsmiths. Gunsmiths are licensed professionals trained in making guns and repairing them as well. They are fully trained to design, clean, repair, maintain, trouble shoot malfunctions, test for operation and accuracy and modify firearms based on clients’ needs.

Professional gunsmiths are generally self-employed or employed to small businesses. However, they are also employed to firearms manufacturers, industries and service companies where firearms are used, and with military or firearms clubs.

Gunsmithing schools offer both theoretical and practical courses pertaining to the manufacture and repair of guns. Usually, the most basic course covers gun making. It’s an introductory course where one learns how to use the tools required for gun making and repair. One aspect of the course entails performing different finishing methods on the metals that are used in making guns.

Another interesting topic in the course is how to disassemble and reassemble various guns. This process also involves becoming familiar with the different parts of a gun. It’s almost like dissecting the gun and being able to put it back together in working order.

In addition, students learn how to make the parts of a gun from steel. Being able to assemble the parts and put them together with a process called oxyacetylene welding is also taught. The training also involves treating the steel rods and metal parts of a gun. Students are usually then provided the opportunity to test the gun he or she made.

Another interesting course taught at gunsmithing schools is stock making. This refers to the art of building new firearms. It is taught how to tailor a new firearm to a particular shape and size. The point of the course is to give the gunsmith the ability to create a gun to the specifications of a client. After this particular course, students usually take a final course which teaches them how to diagnose and repair problems that a firearm may have.

General gunsmith training can be tailored so the individual can specialize in various areas like finishing and refinishing, decorating and custom design. Trade schools and vocational schools offer gunsmithery courses and programs, and, most recently, online programs have become available as well. Anyone interested in seeking these programs should ensure that it is accredited by educations standards organizations. A few of the most popular gunsmithing schools currently available include:

  • American Gunsmithing Institute:  The training available through the American Gunsmithing Institute is led by three professional gunsmiths who guide you through detailed instructions on their online video courses.  They offer the only certified gunsmithing video training available.  Course completion typically takes around six weeks.
  • Pennsylvania Gunsmith School in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania:  Established in 1949, PGS has trained gunsmiths all around the world and offers a comprehensive curriculum that is geared toward helping students learn the trade and find a career in their desired specialization.  Pennsylvania Gunsmith School is an entirely hands-on, skill-based curriculum that is taught in laboratory or shop settings, allowing future gunsmiths to be educated directly from a trained, professional gunsmith.  Course completion typically takes around 16 months.
  • Penn Foster Career School:  Also based in Pennsylvania, Penn Foster is an online, accredited career school that offers programs and certificates in a variety of specializations, including gunsmithing.  The courses are designed for independent study, but they have faculty and advisors available 11 hours a day, six days a week, to answer any questions.  Course completion typically takes around five months.

gunsmithing schoolsIn addition, generally speaking, self-employed gunsmiths require a Federal Firearms License. (Learn how to get a Federal Firearms License by clicking here.)

Gunsmithing offers people the opportunity to create income by manufacturing and repairing firearms. At a going rate of $35 to $65 an hour for trained gunsmiths, it’s can be lucrative and rewarding career. As more people purchase guns for protection and sporting purposes, your target market continues to grow, offering you a stable future. Not only that, but due to the current economy a lot of people are choosing to repair their current guns rather than purchase new ones, which will only help further your career as a gunsmith. Now is the perfect time to research gunsmithing schools and get started on a fantastic opportunity!

Don’t Forget Your FFL for Gunsmithing:

Get Your Federal Firearms License!

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