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A Review of the American Gunsmithing Institute (AGI)
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A Review of the American Gunsmithing Institute (AGI)

For firearm enthusiasts who want to learn how to become a gunsmith, there are three basic options for learning the gunsmithing trade. An apprenticeship working under an experienced gunsmith is one way. The other two options involve obtaining a formal education in gunsmithing, and here you have two choices – trade school or online school. The American Gunsmithing Institute (AGI) is one of the nation’s premier online gunsmithing schools, offering a vast selection of courses for both hobbyist and professional gunsmiths, including certification for those in pursuit of a career in the gunsmithing industry.

The gunsmithing courses offered by AGI are led by master gunsmiths with national reputations in their respective areas of expertise. The primary teaching tools used in these programs are DVDs, which are professionally produced and offer great visual detail, making it possible to learn the intricacies and techniques of gunsmithing quite effectively from the comfort of your own home or workshop. The DVDs make AGI lessons simple to master through visual learning (which you can rewind and repeat as necessary.)

AGI students are allowed to work toward course completion entirely at their own pace, without pressure. Online learning is by far the most convenient form of education available today, and the course programs offered by AGI make it possible for would-be gunsmiths to enjoy this convenience, as well. Students are free to pick and choose their own curriculum, either pursuing a complete certification program all at once, or narrowing their focus to one area at a time.

The institute boasts a 100% “Bulletproof” money-back guarantee for all courses for up to 90 days. In addition to this element of financial risk reduction, students can “sample” AGI courses via the free online videos available on their website. This is a great way for potential students to see if the AGI video learning format is going to be a good choice for them.

The reviews from former students of the American Gunsmithing Institute are very positive, with the most common complaint being simply “I wish I’d started sooner.” Unlike attending a trade school or undertaking an apprenticeship to learn gunsmithing, the learning experience offered by AGI, primarily through their DVD learning device, allows students to continually build up their “reference library” as they progress from one lesson to the next. Many former students say they refer to the video lessons time and again, even into professional life as a certified gunsmith.

The American Gunsmithing Institute maintains an impressive reputation within the gunsmithing industry and is proudly associated with the Gun Club of America. AGI students, upon course completion, have an authoritative voice among this community, possessing in-depth knowledge of firearm design and function, repair and maintenance. AGI students go on to become gun shop owners, gun safety instructors, innovative firearm designers and more, all with the comprehensive lessons learned through these online/DVD certification courses.

The real highlight of the AGI curriculum, aside from the extensive knowledge and experience base behind the video lessons, is its flexibility. This is a very comprehensive program for those in pursuit of full gunsmithing certification, but hobbyists are welcome to further their knowledge of gunsmithing, as well, on a single course basis.

Overall, the American Gunsmithing Institute provides a very practical approach to learning the gunsmithing trade, backed by professional experience and an outstanding reputation.

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