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Finding The Best Welding School

 Five steps to find the best welding school

Choosing the right welding school can be a bit of problem for many people, which is why we have put together a list of steps that can help potential candidates in becoming a welder. A lot of people are looking for diverse career options that will guarantee them a good salary and job, and due to the large amount of saturation in the job market, a majority of the people are looking at other options. One of the most viable career choices right now is welding, mainly because of the lack of employees in this sector and the steep demand curve. While construction has slowed, there is still demand for quality welders.  However, in order to earn a higher salary and qualify to weld, joining a welding school is necessary. In this article, we shall discuss the five basic steps that will help you in finding the best welding school to join.

Step 1.  Cheap Welding Schools might not be the answer.

The first thing that you should know is that joining a cheap institution is not always the best possible idea. There are lots of different technical community colleges that you can join, but do not expect the same quality of education from them. Joining a dedicated welding school will obviously reap much more rewards, as you will get a better quality of education as well as teachers who are focused at the course.

Step 2.  Check the accreditation of the teachers and institution.

The second thing that you need to check is the teachers of the institution. Talk to people who have previously graduated, or take some demo classes in order to find out which of the welding schools hires the best teachers. It’s ok to ask for credentials and what real world experience the teachers have undertaken.  This is very important, because while taking a welding course, it is crucial that you understand concepts clearly in order to put theory to practice on a professional scale.

Step 3.  Check the curriculum.

The third step you need to take is to check the curriculum of the welding school. Dedicated schools offer different types of welding programs which are much more refined, such as TIG welding, underwater welding and pipe welding, which will be useful later on. If you plan to become a welder, make sure the welding school offers the classes you want to pursue.

Basic welding techniques

Image by The U.S. Army via Flickr

Step 4.  Ask Welding School Graduates

Number four is to check whether the graduates from the school are actually employed in the same line of work. Some of the top welding schools have graduates that work in various areas of welding, but you should make sure that there are graduates who are currently employed in the field that you wish to join.

Step 5.  Consult Welders in your field of interest.

Before spending a lot of money on school, it’s always best to speak to people in the field.  Ask them where they went to school.  Ask them if they were happy with the teachers and curriculum.  Ask them if they would do it again.

Success Tips for Students of Online Gunsmithing Sc...

Online gunsmithing schools provide a great opportunity for people interested in exploring this unique and potentially lucrative, very specialized career path. Unlike many other industries in today’s economy, gunsmiths are in high and ever increasing demand, making this a trade with career stability and very respectable income potential. In addition to these benefits, a formal education in gunsmithing also provides the student with other relevant and in-demand skills, such as metal machining and wood working.

The really attractive thing about online gunsmithing schools versus a traditional trade school is that online learning allows students to work at their own pace and on their own schedule. This aspect makes it possible for many people to pursue this specialized education while maintaining their current job, as most people do not have the financial means to simply quit working and go back to school “full time.” The challenge to this type of learning lies in an individual’s own levels of discipline and motivation. That said, here are some basic success tips for students of online gunsmith training.

1. Set Goals

One key to staying on track with your online studies is to set goals for yourself. These goals should be easily achievable as they build upon one another toward the realization of the end goal. Goals should be specific, and you should take a moment to congratulate yourself, or even reward yourself in some way, upon the successful completion of each.

2. Stick to the Schedule

To keep yourself on track to reaching your goals, you must stick to a schedule that you set for yourself in advance. The biggest challenge for students of online gunsmithing schools – or any other type of online school, for that matter – is self-discipline. By setting and sticking to a schedule, you will have an easier time staying on track toward completion of each course.

3. Remember why you’re here

The key to staying motivated toward any goal in life, even when the road gets tough or tedious, is to remember why you’re doing it in the first place. Why have you chosen to learn the gunsmithing trade? Is it to make more money? To open your own gunshop or become a dealer? A simple love of the trade? Whatever you’re reason, keep that at the forefront as you proceed through the education process, and that motivation will be enough to keep you on track toward course completion and certification as a gunsmith.

There are many career paths which will become available to you once you have received your official certification as a gunsmith. Additional educational opportunities exist to help you further your mastery of this very specialized trade, as well. Online gunsmithing schools make it possible for people from all industries and walks of life to pursue certification as a professional gunsmith, and by following these tips to help you stay motivated and on track toward your goals of course completion, you are sure to find success in this potentially lucrative and exciting field.

A Review of the American Gunsmithing Institute (AG...

For firearm enthusiasts who want to learn how to become a gunsmith, there are three basic options for learning the gunsmithing trade. An apprenticeship working under an experienced gunsmith is one way. The other two options involve obtaining a formal education in gunsmithing, and here you have two choices – trade school or online school. The American Gunsmithing Institute (AGI) is one of the nation’s premier online gunsmithing schools, offering a vast selection of courses for both hobbyist and professional gunsmiths, including certification for those in pursuit of a career in the gunsmithing industry.

The gunsmithing courses offered by AGI are led by master gunsmiths with national reputations in their respective areas of expertise. The primary teaching tools used in these programs are DVDs, which are professionally produced and offer great visual detail, making it possible to learn the intricacies and techniques of gunsmithing quite effectively from the comfort of your own home or workshop. The DVDs make AGI lessons simple to master through visual learning (which you can rewind and repeat as necessary.)

AGI students are allowed to work toward course completion entirely at their own pace, without pressure. Online learning is by far the most convenient form of education available today, and the course programs offered by AGI make it possible for would-be gunsmiths to enjoy this convenience, as well. Students are free to pick and choose their own curriculum, either pursuing a complete certification program all at once, or narrowing their focus to one area at a time.

The institute boasts a 100% “Bulletproof” money-back guarantee for all courses for up to 90 days. In addition to this element of financial risk reduction, students can “sample” AGI courses via the free online videos available on their website. This is a great way for potential students to see if the AGI video learning format is going to be a good choice for them.

The reviews from former students of the American Gunsmithing Institute are very positive, with the most common complaint being simply “I wish I’d started sooner.” Unlike attending a trade school or undertaking an apprenticeship to learn gunsmithing, the learning experience offered by AGI, primarily through their DVD learning device, allows students to continually build up their “reference library” as they progress from one lesson to the next. Many former students say they refer to the video lessons time and again, even into professional life as a certified gunsmith.

The American Gunsmithing Institute maintains an impressive reputation within the gunsmithing industry and is proudly associated with the Gun Club of America. AGI students, upon course completion, have an authoritative voice among this community, possessing in-depth knowledge of firearm design and function, repair and maintenance. AGI students go on to become gun shop owners, gun safety instructors, innovative firearm designers and more, all with the comprehensive lessons learned through these online/DVD certification courses.

The real highlight of the AGI curriculum, aside from the extensive knowledge and experience base behind the video lessons, is its flexibility. This is a very comprehensive program for those in pursuit of full gunsmithing certification, but hobbyists are welcome to further their knowledge of gunsmithing, as well, on a single course basis.

Overall, the American Gunsmithing Institute provides a very practical approach to learning the gunsmithing trade, backed by professional experience and an outstanding reputation.